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Edge processing

glass: float, laminated, coated

glass thickness: 2 – 19 mm (monolithic glass), to 50 mm (laminated)

finishing versions: polished grinding, machine grinding (matte), blunting

types of finish: trapezoidal cut


Thanks to the edge treatment, we eliminate the risk of cuts and also reduce the risk of cracks caused by an increase in internal stresses resulting from the action of sun rays (thermal stresses) or mechanical forces (impacts etc.)



glass intended for further processing – punching, hardening, laminating

wherever an adequate degree of glass edge finish is required


finishing versions:

polishing cut – top-class finish including edge polishing (flash)

machine grinding – the grinding parameters are preserved without polishing (matte edge)

blunting – machine blunting of the glass edge without grinding the edge face


other types of finish:

GRINDING SEMI-CIRCLE (PENCIL) glass thickness: 3 – 19 mm
SINGLE BEVEL Glass thickness: 3 – 19 mm
maximum bevel width:
for glass 3 mm – 15 mm
for glass 4 mm – 25 mm
for glass 5 mm – 35 mm
for glass 6 and thicker – 40 mm
OG CUT glass thickness: 15 and 19 mm
glass thickness: 15 

and 19 mm