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We offer comprehensive processing of flat and bent glass for recipients using this material in their realizations, both in large and small, individual projects.

Thanks to the appropriate machine equipment and knowledge, we are able to provide any type of glass:

  • flat glass
  • bent glass
  • tempered glass
  • laminated glass
  • insulated glass
  • painted glass (screen printing)

Years of work with unusual glass have enabled us to gain experience that results in a high standard of glass production. We like challenges. The more difficult the task, the greater the satisfaction with its implementation.

Working with architects and designers, a specialized team of our employees creates unique solutions. We provide advice and professionalism in matters related to the possibilities of using glass.

Our clients are people who value quality and timely delivery.

We invite everyone who wants to receive the product in any quantities. and of high quality to cooperate with us.

Our products are used in:

Steps, landings
Interior design
Lift housings
Partition walls, door