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Drilling holes

glass size: glass in every size produced

glass thickness: 2 – 19 mm (monolithic glass), to 50 mm (laminated)

hole diameters: from 5 to 100 mm

Application: glass doors, walls, glazing, buildings, glass shelves, mirrors, balustrades, glass stairs, glass interior items


The possibility of drilling unhardened bent glass

Drilling in glass consists of drilling holes with pipe drills ended with diamond bits. Due to the fact that glass is a fragile material, particularly susceptible to chips, nicks and cracks, it was necessary to use double-spindle drills. Drilling is done alternately on both sides, and the contact point of the material being cut is half the thickness of the glass being drilled. This solution eliminates the above-mentioned defects. Holes made with drills can be made as cylindrical or conical holes of any diameter in the range from 4 to 1100 mm.