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Laminated building glass

Lamination of glass allows you to get the required set of two or more panes laminated (glued) with special foil.

Thanks to this process, any broken panes are held by adhesive foil, creating a barrier to protect against random events as well as vandalism and burglary.

Tempered and laminated glass is used wherever, in addition to durable glass, protection against falling out, falling objects, projectiles, noise, etc. is required. By using a special foil, you can achieve temporary fire protection.

Glass thickness: almost every possible packets

Mark: VSG xy.z

x – thickness of the first packet format

Y – thickness of the other packet format

z – thickness of the PVB foil. 0.38 mm – 1, 0.76 mm – 2 etc.

The use of laminated glass is very wide. You can use them to build, among others glass roofs, balustrades, glass, car and car windows or decorative glass.

It is also possible to insert decorative elements such as leaves, photos, fabrics, etc. between the glass pieces.