Order Acceptance
Orders are only considered as accepted after a written confirmation has been given by us (or in our name by one of our sales agencies).
This also refers to amendments, alterations, deletions or any other special agreements. We can only accept orders containing a binding
statement from the buyer and complete specification, i.e. with all details as to type of glass, quality, thickness, quantity and dimensions.
General terms and conditions of the purchaser will not be considered unless we have given our explicit agreement in writing.
Prices and Delivery
The prices as mentioned in a written order acknowledgement are binding. If the purchaser, however, does not take over the goods offered
at the date as given in the order acknowledgement, the price valid at the day of despatch become applicable, unless otherwise agreed.
The delivery date (delivery ex factory) is without engagement, but will be kept as far as possible. The purchaser is responsible for the
delays in deliveries caused by not sending us the requested information regarding dimensions, payment arrangements or other such
things by the time requested by us. We will not accept any penalty clauses or penalty costs regarding delayed deliveries.
Unless arrangements to the contrary have been taken, deliveries are effected ex factory. If we do arrange for any insurance, we just act as
intermediaries and do not take over any responsibility.
Our despatches are subject to the International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms (Incoterms 2000) issued by the International
Chamber of Commerce. For overseas deliveries these rules are extended in accordance with the conditions of the Bill of Lading of the
carriers responsible for the transportation.
Deliveries made on CIF basis or similar arrangements are subject to free and unobstructed navigation. If special circumstances beyond our
control, e.g. freezing up, do not permit the vessel to call at the port and necessitate the unloading of the goods at an emergency port, the
delivery commitments entered into are considered as fulfilled at the latter port.
It falls to the consignee to accept consignments from the carriers only with all rights reserved, when the cases show any external signs of
damage or other circumstances indicate the possibility of any damage. In such cases all rights of recovery have to be secured. If the final
despatch of shipment is made to a country or destination other than the one originally agreed upon, we reserve the right to re-invoice at
the prices and conditions as valid for the new country of destination, irrespective of any other claims.
Notification of Defects/Liability
The inclusion of nickel sulphide modules in the manufacture of glass, may result in the spontaneous breakage of tempered glass without
any visible reason. It should also be noted that all glasses can break due to differential heating i.e glasses being in part shadow / direct
sunlight. The guarantee does not cover failure of glasses due to these conditions.
This applies as well to annealed glass.
The goods must be checked upon arrival. Notifications of defects must be made without delay (up to the 7 days on receipt of the goods) in
writing and only for those products which, following delivery, have neither been processed in any way nor combined with anything. If
claims are considered as justified, we shall arrange for replacement. We reserve the right, however (e.g. in case of difficulties relative the
supply of the replacement), to make another agreement taking into account the interest of both parties in an appropriate way. Additional
claims of whatsoever nature (e.g. cancellation, price reduction, indemnity for damages or consequential costs) are excluded.
Rights of Rescission
The following circumstances do entitle us to a cancellation:
a) unexpected technical difficulties, lying in the nature of the order and making its execution impossible or unreasonable for us
b) war, strike and abnormalities in raw material and energy supply as well as all other events of considerable interruption of production, or
force majeure.
The cancellation has to be reported in writing within 14 days after the circumstances owing to which it is justified have become known. Any
claims for damages as a result of the cancellation are mutually excluded.
Invoices are to be paid at the date of payment agreed upon in the currency shown on the invoice. If, after order acceptance, financial
discrepancies at the purchaser’s become known, we are entitled to make our supply dependent on an advance payment or the furnishing
of a security (bank bond).
7. Reservation of Property
All goods remain our property until all outstanding debts have been paid (Item 6). This also includes any debts outstanding with any other
company being part of our Group. Goods, which are under reservation of property may only be sold in the course of normal trade business.
The purchaser is neither entitled to pawn nor to transfer the goods as a security. In case they are seized by a third party, we have to be
informed without delay. Any processing work on glass or combination carried out by the purchaser is effected in our name without any
obligation being laid on us.
With delay of payment, the purchaser is obliged to furnish us on our request with all information, which serve to enforce our rights for the
reservation of property.
8 Place of Performance and Jurisdiction
The place of performance for delivery is the place of the supplying factory. If nothing to the contrary has been agreed upon in writing, the
exclusive place of jurisdiction and place of performance for the payment is Krakow.
9 Amendment to Contract
In case of one of the above condition becoming null and void this does not affect the validity of any of the remaining
conditions. The condition that has been rendered void is to be replaced by another condition which comes closest to the
juridical and economic essence and purpose of the former one


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